Kenkyu Open Access Wallet
Kenkyu Open Access Wallet

Journal Short Name - KOAW

Kenkyu Open Access Wallet

Kenkyu Open Access Wallet (KOAW) is an open access Multidisciplinary journal aims to represent and publish research across science, engineering, medicine, and the related social sciences and humanities delivered by practitioners of different disciplines. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, replication studies, negative and null results are all in scope. We also publish Registered Reports and Protocols, An inclusive journal community working together to advance science by making all rigorous research accessible without barriers.


Kenkyu is an Open Access Research publishing platform for scientists, scholars and clinicians offering rapid publication of articles and other research outputs.


The journal covers a very wide range of areas and we welcome submissions from practitioners at all levels and from all over the world.


Journal Scope


Aerospace engineering  Environmental engineering  Nutrition 
Agriculture  Environmental geography Oncology 
Anatomy  Environmental impacts  Open science 
Anesthesiology  Environmental justice Ophthalmology 
Animal studies  Environmental management Oral medicine 
Anthropology  Environmental protection Organisms 
Aquatic environments  Epidemiology  Otorhinolaryngology 
Archaeology  Equipment  Pain management 
Artificial intelligence  Equipment preparation  Paleontology 
Astrobiology  Euthanasia Parasitology 
Astronomical sciences  Evolutionary biology  Pathology and laboratory medicine 
Atmospheric science  Extraction techniques  Pediatrics 
Bioacoustics Fire engineering  Pharmaceutics 
Bioassays and physiological analysis  Fluidics  Pharmacology 
Biochemistry  Gastroenterology and hepatology  Philosophy 
Bioengineering  Genetics  Physics 
Bioethics  Geochemistry  Plant science 
Biogeochemistry Geographical locations  Political science 
Biogeography  Geography  Pollution 
Biological cultures  Geoinformatics  Population biology 
Biomechanics  Geological engineering Population groupings 
Biophysics  Geology  Precipitation techniques 
Cardiology  Geomorphology  Psychology 
Cell biology  Geophysics  Public and occupational health 
Cell enumeration techniques  Geriatrics  Pulmonology 
Cell separation techniques  Glaciology  Purification techniques 
Chemical characterization  Health care  Radiobiology
Chemical engineering  Hematology  Radiology and imaging 
Chemical synthesis  Histochemistry and cytochemistry techniques  Random number generators
Chemistry  Human factors engineering  Real time computing
Chromatographic techniques  Human geography  Rehabilitation medicine 
Chronobiology  Hydrology  Remote sensing 
Civil engineering  Imaging techniques  Research assessment 
Clinical genetics  Immunologic techniques  Research design 
Clinical medicine  Immunology  Research facilities 
Clinical trials  Industrial engineering  Research funding 
Coding theory  Information technology  Research integrity 
Complementary and alternative medicine  Information theory  Sanitary engineering 
Computational biology  Instrumentation  Science and technology workforce 
Computational techniques  Law and legal sciences  Science education 
Computer applications  Library science  Science policy and economics
Computer architecture  Limnology  Scientific publishing 
Computer networks  Linguistics  Seasons 
Computer security Management engineering  Separation processes 
Computer vision  Marine and aquatic sciences  Signal processing 
Computers  Marine biology  Sociology 
Computing methods  Marine engineering  Software engineering 
Computing systems  Materials science  Soil science 
Conservation biology  Mathematical and statistical techniques  Species colonization 
Conservation science  Mathematics  Specimen preparation and treatment 
Critical care and emergency medicine  Measurement  Spectrum analysis techniques 
Cryobiology  Mechanical engineering  Storage and handling 
Cryptography  Medical conditions  Structural characterization 
Crystallographic techniques  Medical devices and equipment  Structural engineering 
Cytogenetic techniques  Medical humanities  Surgical and invasive medical procedures 
Data acquisition Medical physics Sustainability science 
Data management  Membrane technology  Synthetic biology 
Database and informatics methods  Mental health and psychiatry  Systems biology 
Daylight  Microbiology  Systems engineering 
Decision analysis  Microscopy  Systems science 
Demography  Military engineering Taxonomy 
Dermatology  Mineralogy  Technology development 
Developmental biology  Model organisms  Technology regulations
Diagnostic medicine  Molecular biology  Telecommunications 
Digital imaging  Molecular biology techniques  Terrestrial environments 
Drought Mycology  Theoretical biology 
Earth  Nanomedicine Toxicology 
Ecology  Nanotechnology  Translational medicine
Economics  Natural disasters  Transportation 
Electrical engineering  Natural resources  Urology 
Electronics engineering  Navigation  Vascular medicine 
Electrophoretic techniques  Nephrology  Veterinary science 
Endocrinology  Network analysis  Water quality 
Energy and power  Neural networks  Wildfires 
Environmental chemistry  Neuroscience  Women's health 
Environmental economics  Nuclear engineering  Zoology 

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