Advances in Investigational pharmacology and therapeutic medicine
Advances in Investigational pharmacology and therapeutic medicine

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Advances in Investigational pharmacology and therapeutic medicine

Welcome Message from Editor- In- Cheif


David Gortler
PharmD, FCCP
Georgetown University School of Medicine


Welcome to Advances in investigational Pharmacology and Therapeutic Medicine, our new peer-reviewed science journal designed especially for scientists working in investigational medicine and working with novel pharmacological indications and therapies. As you can tell by our well-rounded editorial board, ours is an international journal and will not only publish FDA-and EUMA compliant protocols, but also examines investigational studies from other countries, while simultaneously being cautious to adhering to, and recommending only the highest scientific and bioethical standards.

I have worked in investigational medicine for two decades, having received my doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Arizona from several different perceptions. Following my clinical residencies, I completed a laboratory fellowship in vascular medicine at the Yale University School of medicine in New Haven Connecticut where I published articles on my research mapping out novel targets on athero-initiation and atherprogression and lipid metabolism. Following my fellowship, I accepted a position at Pfizer Inc where I worked as an investigational medicine scientist designing and executing first-in-human trials Phase la, lb 2a and 2b on HDL modulation and tracking safety data from our early phase trial's. Following several years at Pfizer, I returned to The Yale University School of Medicine as an assistant professor where I continued my research and served as a mentor and didactic professor to medical and PhD students and serving as a faculty officer on the Yale Center for Bioethics for investigational medicine, I thought that I could spend my career with Yale, but after giving an invited presentation at the Food and Drug Administration, I was asked by a high-ranking uniformed officer with the NHS "What would it take to get you here with us?" Following several months of negotiations, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse, and after over a decade of living in New England, I moved to Washington DC. As a medical officer and senior medical analyst at the FDA, I was given charge of approving new drugs or new indications foe existing drugs- It was an enormous and overwhelming privilege and responsibility.

My accumulated experience in academia, industry and with the government has fortunately made a useful asset, and I was welcomed back into academia teaching pharmacology and biotechnology at Georgetown and George Washington Universities. Working in Washington DC has even allowed me to serve as an advisor to prominent politicians and presidential candidates I also work on policy and FDA litigation for the boutique consulting group Former FDA.corn and serve as chief medical officer for Valisure, a Yale University-based biotechnology company in New Haven CT. 


As a professor and editor, I’m happy to share my knowledge with any scientists and clinicians who submit articles to our bourgeoning journal. Any questions concerning a potential publication? Feel free to reach out to any of us anytime. As a professor I am always happy to share knowledge and experience to benefit science and mankind.


Advances in Investigational pharmacology and therapeutic medicine is a leading peer-reviewed, open access journal, which focus on clinical trials and pharmacologic behavior of drugs and new molecular entities. This journal is dedicated to topics on investigational medicine and novel and existing pharmacology.


The journal considers original research, methodology papers, short reports, reviews and commentaries in all areas of pharmacology, investigational medicine and drug development. 


Aim and Scope 


Advances in Investigational pharmacology and therapeutic medicine aims to provide access to scientific articles and mainly intended to share overall scientific knowledge by providing timely updates and useful details on ongoing research and case studies for clinicians and scientists in all therapeutic disciplines of novel drug development.


Advances in Investigational pharmacology and therapeutic medicine encourage submission of scientific articles and scientific editorials, including but not limited to the following topics:


  • AERS/ Adverse Event Assessments in Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Drug Trials and Protocols
  • Clinical and Non-Clinical Pharmacology
  • Investigational data management
  • Clinical Trials Data Mining
  • Comparative Drug Efficacy
  • Drug Safety
  • FDA/EUMA Adverse Event Reporting System
  • FDA/EUMA New Drug Applications and Reviews
  • FDA/EUMA Policy
  • Investigational Drug Safety
  • Investigational Medicine
  • MedDRA terminology and AE Assessments
  • New Drug Trails and Protocols
  • Novel Clinical Pharmacology
  • Novel Indications for Existing Pharmacology
  • New Drug Classes
  • Pharmacoepidemiology


You may submit your article to: submissions@kenkyugroup.org 


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