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Food Management in Diabetic Patients
  • Ram Mohan

    Ram Mohan, Department of Medicine, Mamatha medical college, India. Email: ram@gmail.com

Received: 20-08-2019

Accepted: 15-09-2019

Published: 17-09-2019

Citation: Ram Mohan (2019) Food Management in Diabetic Patients, Diab Obes Metab Disor OA 5: 05-07

Copyrights: © 2019 Ram Mohan


Diabetes is the condition, where the human body does not process the intake of food properly that which is converted into energy.


This occurs when sugar levels in our body is too high.


There are three types of diabetes.


  1. Type1 diabetes
  2. Type2 diabetes
  3. Gestational diabetes


According to the research conducted in 2019, 4.2 million deaths occurred due to diabetes.


Nearly 463 million adults are affected with diabetes.


TYPE 1 Diabetes:

There is nothing strange in having a type1diabeties. it may occur at any age.here, in this condition body does not produce insulin .Body breaks the carbs that you eat With the help of insulin therapy, everyone can learn how to manage their lives and maintain health condition in a proper way. Stress is one such thing which is a natural part of fitting with type1 diabetes. You may experience stress, anxiety, depression. One should know strategy for balancing food, insulin doses and knowledge regarding physical activity to maintain sugar levels control. Type 1 diabetes can be managed by maintaining proper health diet and exercise.


Type 2 Diabetes: this is a common form of diabetes.in this condition, body doesnot use insulin properly. Few people may control this by maintain proper diet and exercise, where else few need proper medication to control it. Fitness and maintaining proper diet are key parts to manage type2 diabetes. A little exercise is must needed every day. Journey of having this type of diabetes may not be unique to all the people. this may differ from one person to other.


The main key is to find activities daily that you can love and do them regularly. Maintain proper notes that how much time you are spending time on gym/exercises and by maintain proper diet and physical activity very often one can fight with type 2 diabetes.


Following are few best foods that are best for diabetic patients:


1. EGGS: Intake of eggs promotes good blood sugar control and these contains much proteins

2. FATTY FISH: fish contains omega3 fats that which reduces inflammation.

3. CHIA SEEDS: they are rich in fiber content and doesn’t let rise in sugar levels.

4. NUTS: Nuts such as cashew, almonds, walnuts, pecans haw low in digestible carbs and helps to reduce sugar levels.

5. BROCCOLI: This is one such food which contains rich nutrient valve and with a low calories.

6. FLAX SEEDS: Flax seeds decreases sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity.

7. STRAWBERRIES: These contain high nutrients value in it with low sugar values.


Major signs of diabetes: frequent urination, feeling thirst, fatigue, blurred vision.


Diabetes and heart diseases are closely related. Diabetes causes high level of blood sugar and which leads to increase cholesterol and that may lead to heart attack similar to heart diseases, diabetes may also effect on other body parts such as nerves, eyes, digestion, and skin.


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