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Different health policy decisions must be especially innovative, but not separate from universal roots of demographic preservation
  • Revaz Lordkipanidze

    Revaz Lordkipanidze, Doctor of Economics, Professor of Teaching University Geomedi, 4 King Solomon II str. 0114, Georgia, Tbilisi; E-Mail:- revaz.lortkipanidze@geomedi.edu.ge

Received: 01-01-2024

Accepted: 09-01-2024

Published: 10-01-2024

Citation: Revaz Lordkipanidze (2024) Different health policy decisions must be especially innovative, but not separate from universal roots of demographic preservation, Kenkyu Open Access Wallet 1:01-03

Copyrights: © 2024, Revaz Lordkipanidze


Undoubtedly, “The Lancet Global Health” makes an invaluable contribution to the development of science and its article in support of youth1 is one of the best. Despite the unprecedented high scientific jumps of mankind and the accumulation of sufficient financial wealth for everyone, the demographic situation in the world has become very aggravated and we, with our physical-economic research, prove that the main reason of this is crony capitalism - hidden monopolies that hinder the arrival of new healthy forces in public progress. Therefore, while supporting global innovation in life-saving and most knowledge-intensive medicine, including with artificial intelligence, we must not forget by stimulating youth the traditional priority of supporting natural benefits to curb demographic extinction.

JEL Classification: I00, I11, I18.


 Keywords: health policy, demographic preservation, competitive management, efficiency.


 This is paradoxical but true that youth, who represent 16% of the world population, are represented in legislative bodies only by 1.65% (See the previously mentioned link). For example, in my country - Georgia, which is moving from the unqualified "chief doctor" model of the former USSR to a diversified "universal insurance" model, with the support of the main strategic partner - the USA and the countries of the European Union, the situation is significantly better, but without real improvement in the democratic background all over the world, the influence of external factors does not provide the opportunity to obtain the desired results. Consequently, young people are massively looking for employment abroad, and the demographic situation is extremely difficult, especially in high mountain regions [1].

Methodology and Literature Review

Using the objective laws of physics to study economic patterns, we have developed new visions of experienced management according to own advantages for demographic balance and perfect competition based on the similarity of the qualitative “atom core” and not on the artificial number of competitors [2-4].


 For supporting global medicine and the younger generation, as well maintaining a mature of all economical-demographic balance, we used assessment methods based on HHI, information entropy and the effectiveness of the use of import-substituting zonal mechanisms [5-10].

Conclusion: Solving the Problem

Calculations have shown that, like new technologies, young people sharply increase the productivity in the economy (See Figure) and we need to listen to the recommendations of scientists and stimulate their activity more through tax holidays and government orders for training and employment.




Source: Author approximate estimation of global economy 570 cases (1988-2023).


If, following the example of the US Silicon Valley, states support the education of young people and bilaterally mutually beneficial free medical zones are created in conflict border zones, conflicts will sooner end and medical costs will be significantly reduced.


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